The Strengths of Sankyo Shouji

Toning and
Unparalleled Speed

Our computer matching system quickly and accurately matches any color, giving us the flexibility to accommodate small orders with short turnaround times.

Paint Expertise

We offer wide-ranging paints and paint-related goods, as well as comprehensive support that includes everything from recommending paint systems to contracting paint work.

Friendly Painting

Sankyo Shouji is an ISO-certified company and strives to offer environmentally friendly solutions such as low-VOC paints.

What We Do

Paint Auxiliary Materials, Solvents and Chemicals
Paint Devices and Equipment
Design Advice

About Sankyo Shouji

Sankyo Shouji specializes in selling paints and providing advice on design
specifications and paint equipment. We also assist in the creation of
environmentally friendly paint systems, promote energy conservation and
provide detailed, custom solutions to resolve any paint-related issue.

Product Lineup

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