About Sankyo Shouji


January 1963 Founded in Shibuya, Tokyo as a paint and industrial chemical sales company
April 1970 Established North Kanto Sales Office in Oyama,
Tochigi Established Kansai Paint Oyama Color Center toning plant in Tochigi and divided North Kanto Region work
March 1973 Moved the headquarters to Shinjuku, Tokyo.
Established Sagami Sales Office in Yamato, Kanagawa
December 1975 Renamed Sagami Sales Office to Kanagawa Sales Office and moved to the current location
Established Kansai Paint Sagami Color Center toning plant in Kanagawa and divided South Kanto Region work
July 1979 Established Saitama Sales Office in Sakado, Saitama
March 1985 Constructed an office complex in Saitama Corporate Bureau Eastern Kawagoe Industrial Park and moved the Saitama Sales Office
Established a toning plant and warehouse
October 1988 Introduced a computer color matching (CCM) system to Kawagoe Color Center
December 1989 Constructed an office complex at Kanagawa Sales Office
July 1990 Introduced a sales management system to sales offices
May 1992 Introduced the CCM system to Oyama Color Center
December 1996 Introduced the CCM system to Sagami Color Center
January 2001 Introduced a fully automated toning system to Kawagoe Color Center
September 2004 Acquired the ISO 14001 certification mark
February 2005 Moved the headquarters to Shinjuku, Tokyo
May 2007 Changed Kawagoe Color Center to a heavy-metal free plant: Kansai Paint Kawagoe Color Center
September 2008 Oyama Color Center acquired Japan Industrial Standards certification
February 2012 Moved the headquarters to its current location
December 2013 Established Sankyo Vietnam Co., Ltd., an affiliated company in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

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